What's in a business name? Everything!

Did you know prior to Google being called what it is today it operated under the name Backrub?  Can you imagine saying, “Backrub it!” to do a search on the internet today?

As a business owner, I have been struggling with the decision to change my business name.  It has challenged all my core values because if making this change is the right thing to do, then it should be easy...right? Brene Brown, Researcher and Storyteller, says, "Here's what I think integrity is: Choosing courage over comfort.  Choosing what's right over what's fun, fast, or easy. And practicing your values."

I have made the decision to change my business name from Elevate People Solutions to well, just me - Stacey Messner, HR Consultant.  I still believe and lead in the principles of People, Productivity, Prosperity. Here is the link to my story on LinkedIn.

I am passionate about the idea of elevation in HR as it speaks to me about raising a workplace standard.  I can remember flying on a plane a couple of years ago, reading Arlene Dickinson’s book “All In”, grabbing a scrap piece of paper from my purse and being inspired to write words that reflected what my business could do.  The word elevate repeated itself to me numerous times.  As this word was my first love and the essence of my business, I have included it as part of my mission statement: Elevating HR practices for people and the workplace.

I am in the process of re-branding and in the coming weeks you will see changes occurring in my social media accounts, and website which is launching later this month.  

Under any name, I look forward to providing you the customized, cost-effective, as-needed HR support you require to make your workplace great!